Stoke Newington 3D Entrance
Private Housing

Stoke Newington

Red Primrose Ltd.
London, N16
Project Cost:
Planning Granted in 2023
RIBA Work Stages 0-3

The team was tasked with designing a contemporary single-family dwelling hidden from the public realm. Located to the back of Stoke Newington High Street Newington high street, the new dwelling aims to provide a comfortable and private family environment within a dense urban environment.

Challenges such as natural light and privacy were addressed via the introduction of a private courtyard which serves as the focal point of the dwelling. To ensure adequate daylighting, the design incorporates thoughtfully positioned windows and skylights whilst maintaining privacy for the user. Green buffer zones act as visual screens, further secluding the dwelling from the public realm and creating a harmonious connection with nature.

The dwelling’s minimalist design helps it blend with the surrounding urban environment while also emphasizing a contemporary aesthetic. This approach ensures that the dwelling preserves the character of the conservation area while presenting a modern and unobtrusive appearance.