Newby House

Newby House

Client: Yogo Group
Location: London, N14
Council: Enfield
Project Cost: £3,500,000
Status: Completed in 2017
Appointment: RIBA Work Stages 0-4

Vivendi Architects were appointed to convert an existing commercial building into 12 flats, which was shortly followed by the design of two additional floors above the apartment building to create a further five 2-bed luxury apartments.

The scale and massing of the new structural element allowed for a lightweight structure that integrates a continuous glazed balustrade along the front elevation with a feature curved roof above. The linear terraces aim to increase activity, movement and interaction between residents, while offering outdoor spaces and views.

This project was a success following thorough consultation with the local planning department, with an emphasis placed on improving the existing fenestration of the building in order to compliment the new two storey addition.