Milan House Rear Perspective
Private Housing

Milan House

Private Client
Epping, CM16
Epping Forest District
Project Cost:
Completed in 2010
RIBA Work Stages 0-6 (Full Services)

Located within a Green Belt site, Milan House blends traditional architectural features with a contemporary visual aesthetic. We chose a natural pale brickwork for its enduring look and paired it with expansive windows to foster a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. The juxtaposition of the brick with the dark, slate-grey roofing creates a contemporary and minimalist color scheme.

Our design philosophy emphasises simplicity and the purity of geometric forms, which is reflected in the building’s clean lines and composition. We carefully considered the integration of the landscape with the design, ensuring that the home is in tune with its surroundings and offers a tranquil living environment rich in natural light and spaciousness.

The scheme seeks a balanced architectural approach, respecting the Green Belt’s character while embracing both tradition and contemporary design sensibilities. This fusion of styles creates unique and captivating living and outdoor spaces.