Kingwell Road Single Dwelling Street View
Private Housing

Kingwell Road (Single Dwelling)

Client: Private Client
Location: London, EN4
Council: Enfield
Project Cost: Undisclosed
Status: Completed 2020
Appointment: RIBA Work Stages 0-4

Located in the affluent residential area of Hadley Wood, North London, the new house design was formed through our close working relationship with the Client.

The house was designed as a 3-storey structure, with the central open access core as its focal point, allowing natural light to penetrate deep into the interior spaces, enhancing the sense of openness in the dwelling.

The facades draw influence from Art-Deco elements and locally found design aesthetics. By integrating elements that resonate with the regional architecture, the house could blend harmoniously with the existing character of Hadley Wood, while still presenting a fresh and contemporary architectural addition.