Kingwell Road Multiple Dwellings Perspective
Private Housing

Kingwell Road (FamilyDwellings)

Private Client
Enfield, EN4
Project Cost:
Planning Granted in 2021
RIBA Work Stages 0-3

The design team worked closely with the Local Authority to facilitate the creation of two new 5-bedroom dwellings with large private gardens.

The scheme consists of two houses, each with its unique architectural style.

One of the dwellings embraces a more contemporary design approach, featuring modern elements and aesthetics.

The second dwelling features a more traditional architectural style embracing the local vernacular architecture with traditional details, materials, and design motifs characteristic of the area.

Despite their different styles, both houses share a common material palette, tying them together visually. By using similar materials in different forms, the design team created a sense of cohesion and unity between the two houses.