Greater London House Restaurant

Greater London House

Developer Client
London, NW1
Project Cost:
Completed in 2017
RIBA Work Stages 0-6 (Full Services)

Vivendi Architects skillfully completed a standout building on a corner plot of Greater London House, situated in the Camden Town Conservation Area. As a smaller, secondary structure, the restaurant is designed to complement Greater London House by contrasting with its scale and the simplicity of its details.

The front facade features expansive, full-height windows and a sleek colonnade, framing significant views and offering a sense of enclosure for restaurant guests and staff. An essential aspect of the design was the use of Portland stone cladding, arranged in stacked blocks, which gives an illusion of increased height to the relatively modest-sized building.

July 2017 edition RIBA publication for use of Aluminium Glazing System.